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Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates is a videogame network of nine worlds - each one a personal utopia developed by a member of AAA collective.

Is a collective utopia possible?

For more texts about the process, artistic goals and beliefs of Utopias be sure to check out the project page.

About the Game

In Utopias you play as a lonesome genderless humanoid, who finds themselves waking from a deep slumber on the stairs of an abandoned temple. The centre of the temple contains a blank tapestry, infinitely falling into a pool below. It is guarded by an imposing eye. Upon talking to the eye it orders you to inspect the nearby planets surrounding you.

You venture to these neighbouring planets, jumping between them. Upon each planet is a portal, through which a different utopia awaits you. Strange life forms, alien societies, ecological warfare.

As you return from these portals, the temple comes to life, and the empty tapestry slowly fills with motifs from each world. You wonder what happens when the tapestry is complete...

About AAA

Premium Videogame Art Collective
60 FPS, 4K

AAA is a software art collective based in Berlin, with members from countries including Australia, Argentina, Russia, Germany, USA and France. We make video games, give lectures and performances, maintain a blog and run a public community event called aaartgames. Our collective cooperation has formed in response to the frustration we feel with the fine art and video game production industries. We use game engines to make art in the wilderness between these spaces and we hope that allows us to make work that does not have the same constraints. Rather than adopt traditional game studio models or work individually, we are attempting to produce games in a non-hierarchical environment where no one person’s creative or technical vision is more important than another’s. Working collectively and trying to create a space for divergent but co-existing ideas and ways of working is important to us - this tension is a huge source of creative energy that drives our work.


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mail @ aaasoftwa.re

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