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hello just download the assets for my own corrupted game and i was having issues with the data girl texture model so can you find something to this that error ????? thank you

I was not sure what to expect when I turned this on. It was such a strange experience, but definitely unforgettable! It’s amazing to see what different experiences the artists were able to create despite being given the same bucket of assets. I was shocked and to be honest, kind of scared by them. It’s a feeling art rarely ever gives me, so I’ll rate this as truly unique and amazing 😂 


This game is really beautiful! I love the cool surreal environments, weird as they are :)

thanks for playing :)

Amazing project, I'd love to try it but unfortunately it's not compatible with macOS Catalina :(

Is it a possibility for you to update it? Many thanks <3

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately I doubt we will be able to update this project as MacOS is evil for small time game creators and we are focused on our next release. Follow us on itch or social media for release of Utopias, coming soon!

Data Mutations should always run on windows, if you have a virtual machine or a friend with a windows comp.





what does the text mean, about the citrus and stuff, the sweat being transparent? i mean not to pull an english major here but it seemed like it could be meaningful (or the full-word equivalent of a keysmash).


The texts, like all the assets in Data Mutations, were created prior to the actual development of the games. The text absolutely does have an initial intention, but it is given a new meaning in each game separate from that of the original author. Think similar to sampling in music.



Does the G-moll game have an ending? 


The ending of G-moll can be unlocked by immersing yourself in the generative landscape, taking in the virtual scenery and when you feel ready, pressing alt-f4 :)


This is amazing.

thank you :)

I think i won. 9 games in one two hour playtime i think


Congrats on winning! (we think)


I think this game  was a nice collective art piece. Good job!

thanks :)

its kinda wierd game its look like horror